5 Marketing Trends to Use in 2023

Did you know the world in which your nonprofit or association is operating in is changing as fast as the speed of light? Well, maybe not that fast, but it is quickly changing.

In order to stay on top and plan for the future, you’ll need to understand key marketing trends that can make or break your success. In this video (above) and blog post (below), I’m going to share with you five marketing trends to follow so you can envision and plan for a fruitful year.

But first, why is watching trends a useful tool? Trends allow any type of business to break boundaries, your own boundaries. They put forth new ideas that pave the way for new opportunities.

Generational marketing

As we all know, preferences for products, views on issues, and overall interests vary greatly by generation.

And how does this relate to marketing? With an understanding of who you are talking to, you can connect and engage with people in a way that aligns your organizational values with theirs.

Focus on something that matters. Studies show that finding personal significance can greatly reduce how a person experiences feelings of inequality. And this is all about where you, nonprofits, and associations fill a need! It helps them to realize they are part of something much bigger than themselves. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, dig into persona knowledge here.

Newest technologies

This shift not only changes where people get their information but how they receive it.

Say what you will about it, TikTok is transforming the way audiences intake information. TikTok’s cultural influence on the media has led to some astounding ripple effects. According to the Washington Post, viral videos of people delighting in their favorite books, many of them with the hashtag #BookTok, which has 78 billion views, helped make 2021 one of the publishing industry’s best sales years ever. Who would have thought videos of people reading their favorite books would have that huge of an impact?

So, find YOUR top platforms your audiences are on and start creating content to connect with them.

Invest in the digital realm

Thanks to COVID-19, your supporters are now used to shopping, banking, and donating from the comfort of their homes using either their computers or phones.

So, anything you do online, whether it’s registering for an event or donating, should be seamless, easy to use, and fully integrated into your marketing efforts. I can’t stress this enough! And don’t be shy – promote them across multiple channels, including social and other digital platforms.

Additionally, digital currencies such as cryptocurrency and nonfungible tokens are on the rise. For 2023 and beyond, flexible giving and participation options will be the new norm – something to keep in mind.

Video is King

According to CharityDynamics, over 60% of millennials prefer to watch a video over reading an email or a newsletter. If that doesn’t convince you, adding videos to your social media strategy can generate 1200% more shares than text and image posts, AND adding a video to an email can increase your click-through rates by 200-300%. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Luckily, not all videos need to be professionally produced. You or a staff member can record a short video on your computer or phone. Or you could even engage your supporters and encourage them to share their stories in a social or email marketing campaign. Making videos can be both informative and fun!

SMS communication

According to TextSanity, text messages have a 98% open rate which is HUGE. The average email open rate is only 21%, so what are you waiting for?

Nonprofits and associations can use text for fundraising campaigns, calls-to-actions, and, most importantly, relationship building, including news updates, behind-the-scenes photos, thank you messages, and even voice memos. The options are truly endless for this marketing trend.

Did any of these trends surprise you? How will you incorporate these trends into your marketing strategy? Let me know by commenting below, on LinkedIn, or reach out at julia@fiveones.com.