5 Ideas for Showing Member Appreciation

Your association wouldn’t be the same without its members. You nonprofit wouldn’t be the same without its donors. Your customers, you get the gist. So, what better time than the present to make your members feel more appreciated?

Saying “thank you” and sending them good vibes will go a long way toward delivering a great member experience, boosting member retention, and increasing member engagement.

So let’s get to it. Today, I’m highlighting five ways to show your members you appreciate them.

Step #1: Record an Appreciation Video

Gone are the days of hiring camera operators and editors for thank you videos. These days, just about any iPhone or Android can record a high-definition video AND you can use software like Canva to edit it into a heartfelt thank-you video to be sent via email, shown at an event, or shared on social media.

Video is not only the most popular of media right now, it allows you to bring to life your organization through your image and message. One idea is to record you and your team simply saying “thank you” and briefly explaining what you love most about your members. Include some nice music in the background to build emotion. Remember to keep it short, fun, and to the point.

Types of videos:

  • Thank you (from group or individual)
  • Personal message
  • Recap/Impact

Step #2: Shoutout Members on Social Media

A great and easy way to recognize your members is by dedicating a social media post to them. Many people will see these posts, so they are a great way to express gratitude publicly.

You’re recognizing them to “the world” and they will hopefully feel the love. At the same time, you’re sharing the good things they are doing without them having to brag! And a bonus on top of all of this is that engagement is social media gold. Once people start liking, sharing, and commenting, it’s likely the post will get seen by even more people.

Step #3: Host a Member Appreciation Day

An official day or just pick a day and focus your efforts there. An event is the perfect way to show your members how much you value them.

Some fun ideas include:

  • Networking happy hour
  • Virtual Q&A with your president
  • Free professional workshops or trainings
  • Award ceremony
  • Online trivia game where winners are put into a raffle for various prizes

Post-event, follow up with an email to everyone who attended. Once someone has interacted with you like this, they WILL feel closer to you so focusing your efforts on one special day will go far.

Step #4: Send swag/care packages

These don’t necessarily have to be big or expensive. Small care packages are fine. The main goal is to let your members know that you are thinking of them.

Some items to include in the care packages are:

  • “Swag” items like branded t-shirts, mugs, and bags. People love stuff, it’s true. And then they become a walking billboard.
  • Copy of the annual impact report or a newsletter. Something they can touch and hold is different than a digital communication. It’s old school, but it works!
  • Something fun! People especially love it if there’s a little gift in there for pets or kids. Or something unique to your mission. Personalize it. Remember,  you are an organization, but you’re people, too!

Step 5: Certificate or Acknowledgment

Not every gift has to be extravagant or labor-intensive. I once sent a certificate to a partner that had really put in the effort to support us! A few months later, I stopped by for a visit and they proudly displayed that certificate it their lobby. They were so proud and that certificate meant a lot to them. Have you ever had an acknowledgement like that? Recreate that feeling for your members or donors.

And there you go. The Five ways to show your members you appreciate them. What ideas do you have? As a member, what would you want your association to do for you?