Marketing Tools

Ultimate List of Marketing Tools

You’re usually just an internet address away from a useful marketing tool to help you up your game and make work come easier or better. On the first Friday of each month on social media, we highlight five new tools, tips, and resources to help you be more productive, write better, become sharper, and crank out killer marketing campaigns. We’re keeping a running list here, so be sure to check back as each list grows.

We don’t throw out a recommendation unless we’ve personally used something, so rest assured this list has been vetted, and these are our top marketing tools.



  • Make hybrid meetings more engaging with Slido
  • Clock how long an email will take to read with Summarly (Check out your Chrome Add-Ons!)
  • Transcribe recorded interviews
  • Melon makes it easy to live stream
  • Graduate from cloud storage to creative ops with Air
  • Augment your video meetings with Prezi video
  • Curate and organize your favorite website content with Feedly
  • Userway: No one has time to refactor their site code in order to ensure ADA compliance. Use Userway!
  • Make a visual sitemap easily with Gloomaps
  • Give feedback on PDFs, websites, and more with
  • Transcribe, caption, or subtitle videos quicker with Rev
  • Pretty Funnels helps you visualize, plan, and optimize your digital marketing funnels in a web builder
  • AngryTools provides free online web development tools (like an image cropper and color scheme generator, to name just two)
  • Mixmax brings sales engagement into Gmail
  • Turn tweets into LinkedIn carousels with Taplio
  • Optimize your Tweets with
  • Convert file formats with OnlineConverter
  • Bypass paywalls with
  • Pump up your influencer marketing with HypeTrain
  • Discover new AI tools with Futurepedia
  • Find micro-influencers with Minisocial
  • Transform your presentations into engaging lessons with Pear Deck
  • Create video clips quickly with Concatible


  • Identify (and then fix) clichés in your writing
  • Convert your documents to audio files so you can listen anytime with Natural Readers
  • Summarize and analyze long text with Resoomer
  • Scrivener for all writers who want to stay (more) organized
  • 10 Minute Mail: Free, temporary emails – saves you time and potential spam hitting your inbox
  • WordTune makes your words work for you with this clever AI-powered app
  • Create editorial guidelines with this template
  • Save these resources for writing by Iain Broome
  • Find the right type of word that starts, ends, or has the right letter in it with WordMom
  • Replace ‘very’ in your vocab with Lose the Very


  • Put your favorite phrase in a variety of scenes with Play Phrase
  • Never get stuck looking for a word again with Rhyme Zone
  • Check out the Twitter trends for 2022 (pre-Elon shakeup)
  • Answer the Public: Find out what others are saying and asking about any given topic
  • Moat allows you to search for digital ads connected to just about any brand
  • Craving authenticity. Sign up for BeReal
  • Create tints of your brand colors with the Tint and Shade Generator
  • Identify and protect your creative ideas with the US Government’s IP Identifier
  • Find relevant Reddit conversations with Surfkey


  • Remove unwanted elements of an image
  • Accessible Color Palette Builder: Need colors for an upcoming project? Look no further!
  • Milkshake websites for when you say “link in bio”
  • Yokshi to help manage and distribute your official logo to partners, members, or affiliates. I’ve just started to implement this for a client and it’s easy peasy all while protecting your brand
  • AppSumo email badges – think pretty email signatures
  • Create infographics with Infogram. And check out one I made here.
  • Add a countdown to your newsletters with Easytimer. (Should we countdown to spring together?)
  • Unscreen eliminates the need for a green screen and replaces video backgrounds in one click
  • creates beautiful images of past tweets
  • makes it easy to share emojis from your computer
  • Supershots takes screenshots look so much better
  • Image file too big? Compress it with Imagator
  • Want to see how your webpage will look like on mobile? Use Mobile Moxie
  • Find free color tools and graphic generators on
  • Generate design mockups with Pika—no Photoshop required!
  • Make your images clickable
  • Create customizable mockups with Shots
  • Make animated, motion content with Jitter

Professional Development

  • Get a goal coaching app through Jrny Coach
  • Get personalized insights based on personalities with Crystal Knows
  • Dream of being on a podcast? Try Guestio
  • Train your brain with Elevate App
  • Try the 750 word project to start writing every day
  • The Juice provides content playlists for marketers, your key to fast and simple research
  • Looking to share your visual work? Try Jumpshare