5 Things to Include When Creating a Mission and Vision Statement

Today, I’m breaking down mission and vision statements—yes, they are two different things. Let’s define them. A mission statement is how you’re going to fulfill your vision. It’s where you are right now. A vision statement is the goal you and your organization are trying to achieve. It looks to the future.

Now that we know the difference between them, you might be wondering, “OK, so why do I need one?” Both the mission and vision statements serve as a way to tell donors, potential donors, volunteers, or casual viewers of your website or marketing materials what you’re all about. They’re succinct sentences that give people insight into your organization and what you’re doing. If your mission statement or vision statement resonates with someone, they will likely want to learn more, donate, etc.

Here’s what it takes to craft these two important statements. First, let’s dive into mission statements.

Your ‘Who’

First things first, who do you serve? Who are your beneficiaries? How would you describe them (in a positive way)?

Brainstorm how you can talk about the people and communities you serve so others can connect with them. You don’t have to pity them but instead talk about how they are working to better themselves, and how you’re helping them to do that. Don’t shy away from specifics, it can help potential donors or volunteers connect better with your cause.

Your ‘What’

Next, think about what you offer. What does your organization actually do? It could be helping a specific group of people, like teenage girls. It could be working to eliminate poverty in a community, country, or region. It could be offering services to a community in need. Think about what you do for your audience. This will lead you directly to…

Your Value

Think of this as what your organization does. Do they work to eliminate poverty? Or conduct research on a certain disease? Or support a specific cause? This should be the easiest part to add to your mission statement because it’s what your organization was built on.

Ok, now let’s move on to the vision statement and work off of what we’ve already discussed.

Your Goals

Where do you want your organization to be in 5, 10, or 15 years? Think big here, it doesn’t have to be 100% feasible—yet. What do you want to achieve? Write it all down. Everything that comes to mind.

Your Method

Lastly, consider how you are going to get to the big, pie-in-the-sky goal. What has to happen to get you there? Basically, we’re now considering feasibility. If you can’t come up with a way to get there, scale it back a touch with a plan in place that IS achievable.

Answering all of these questions can seem overwhelming at first, but sit down and have a team brainstorming session. Lean on other people in your organization who aren’t working on marketing. Different perspectives are helpful here.

Then, sleep on all these answers and ideas and edit them down the next day. The important thing is to be thoughtful about these statements and create something that reflects your organization. Then you can go forth and create a marketing plan to support it!