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We are so grateful for your partnership. As a small token of our appreciation, we put together this digital care package for you.

It includes some “things” that we genuinely use and enjoy. Devour it now, or bookmark this page to peruse over the holidays.

THANK YOU for filling our lives with inspiration, a creative outlet, friendship, laughter, and challenges to solve.

Cheers to new adventures in 2024!

Thing One

Heart-Pumping Playlist

Feeling like your motivation is hitting a holiday hold-up? With sweet treats in abundance, it’s no wonder you can feel sluggish.

Check out this playlist, sans holiday tunes, to boost your energy and motivate you to kill it, whatever you’re doing.

Thing Two

An Inspiring Read

We enjoy art and creativity in many forms, and this lovely poetry doesn’t disappoint.

You can enjoy these in short snippets or in your IG feed (when the algorithm lets it in.)

Thing Three

A Meditation for Ultimate Relaxation

Not even modern-day apps can deliver like this meditation. The leader of this meditation walks you through relaxing every single part of your body and we promise that you will feel light as a feather afterward.

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Thing Four

A Happy Reminder

We are so phone-dependent, why not have your home screen bring you a little joy (besides showing photos of those you love)?

This print hangs in the Five Ones office and always makes us smile. Download it and add it to your phone.

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Thing Five

Send Good Vibes

Everyone loves a compliment and we’d love to give you a little winter pick-me-up!

Sign up in the Google Form below and we’ll send you one via snail mail ✉️ and one to share with someone else.

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